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Irrespective of the type of institution you manage, it is essential that you are paying accurate amounts of tax under different heads. This is a rule of thumb for startups as well as established businesses. Managing a company requires a lot of thought, and staying abreast of the changes in tax rules that impact company operations can be challenging. Understanding the existing laws and regulations governing corporate taxation in the nation in which you function will guarantee that you are paying the right amount.

Corporate tax is a type of direct tax imposed on corporate entities and other enterprises' net earnings or profits. As a result, it will be advantageous for you to focus on finding professional taxation advice from professionals who are specialists in this area. Fortius is a renowned financial services company with exceptional corporate tax services. Our professionals will make sure that your company stays compliant by keeping you updated on modifications to laws and regulations, making it simpler for your organization to adhere to the most recent UAE Corporate Tax guidelines.

Understand the Prevailing Rates

According to the latest guidelines from the Ministry of Finance, the rates at which Corporate Taxes will be levied are as follows:

  • In case the taxable income of the company is less than or equal to 3,75,000 AED, the taxes will be 0% of the CIT
  • In case the taxable income of the company is above 3,75,000 AED, the taxes will be 9% of the CIT
Barring the extraction/ mining of natural minerals/ resources, the taxes will apply to all companies, including those operating in the free zones. Earnings from jobs, estate development, and other investments, as well as other earnings that do not require commercial licensing to be conducted in the UAE, will remain exempt from corporate taxes.
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Avail the excellent and bespoke Corporate Tax services from seasoned professionals at Fortius!

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The Services Offered at Fortius

At Fortius, we provide all the Corporate Tax related services under one roof. We are a one-stop solution for all your Corporate Tax needs, and our services are as follows:
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Implementation of Corporate Taxes

Corporate tax disclosure, tax authority adherence, and optimum planning of relevant taxes are all becoming highly complicated, and in-house tax divisions are frequently questioned to satisfy continuously shifting prerequisites. With the seasoned professionals at Fortius who have the industry knowledge and expertise in Corporate Tax, you can easily supplement your organization's attempts to ensure an accurate transition to the recently instituted Corporate Taxes in the UAE.
  • Perform an impact analysis of the firm's regulatory regime as a whole.
  • Undertake a bottom-line and profit-after-tax evaluation.
  • Examine if the company's fiscal year needs to be modified
  • Examine whether Internationally Accepted Accounting Standards abided in all facets of the current accounting records.
  • Ensure sufficiency of resources to carry out tax compliance.
  • Analyze if the company's methods for ensuring corporate tax compliance are sufficient.

Compliance with Corporate Taxes

Vibrant enterprise development, globalization, corporate burdens, and ongoing legislative modifications compel organizations to think about a new strategy for accounting, reporting, and documentation of taxes. Our Company Tax Compliance Program helps companies in achieving tax compliance obligations by providing a variety of services such as:

  • Facility for General Compliance
  • Enrollment for Corporate Taxes
  • Computation of Tax Payables
  • Corporate tax returns, as well as other tax disclosure documents, are prepared.
  • Examination of the company's tax returns
  • Support with communications with taxation offices in the event that the officials raise any questions.
  • Collaboration with officials to resolve disputes
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Advisory/ Consultancy for Corporate Taxes

Companies must take into account how corporate tax will affect their processes, business model, and working capital, as well as ensure adherence to tax laws. Enterprises must evaluate the need for an Impact Analysis as soon as possible. Furthermore, enterprises must be assertive in their consciousness of the following components, which apply to the majority of corporations in the UAE.

  • Advising on taxation preparation and complete compliance
  • Tax clustering and group revamping from a corporate tax standpoint
  • Consultancy on domestic and foreign transactions with relevant stakeholders that have a valuation impact
  • Withholding tax obligations and tax consequences
  • Permanent Establishment (PE) Consultancy
  • Guidance with regards to Corporate Taxes adherence

FAQs on Corporate Tax Services

Corporate tax returns have to be filed every year, and corporate tax services play an important role in maintaining corporate tax compliance. Entities with a fiscal year-end of May 31 should prepare a CT return for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2024. For the fiscal year ending September 30, companies should submit the CT return on September 30, 2024. For the fiscal year ending December 31, entities should submit the CT return on December 31, 2024.
Except for firms engaged in the extraction of raw materials, all companies registered in the United Arab Emirates (even those registered in free zones that do not operate or conduct business in the UAE mainland) are subject to corporation tax. Corporate tax services aid every UAE company through the entire tax filing process.

Companies based in the UAE that extract raw materials are exempt from corporate tax. UAE-based service providers that are part of a global conglomerate engaged in natural resource extraction are likely to fall under UAE CT jurisdiction. If you are one of these companies, feel free to get support from Fortius Consulting, a corporate tax consultant for corporate tax compliance.

Whether the MNE group's headquarters are located in the UAE or elsewhere, all UAE firms that are part of the group shall be subject to a different tax rate (estimated to be 15%). Corporate tax services will significantly assist with ‘different tax rate’ filing procedures.

Based on feedback from the general public, the zero percent CT regime will be available exclusively to residents of the Free Zone who have had their financials assessed. Corporate tax services can give great support to the Free Zone residents. You must remember that the relevant company regulations and laws will continue to govern the situation for other enterprises.

Large MNCs that satisfy requirements established in relation to 'Pillar Two' of the OECD BEPS initiative will be subject to a different tax rate under the UAE CT regime. Furthermore, UAE will implement a minimum CT rate of 15% or a Qualified Domestic Minimum Top Up Tax on subsidiaries of multinational corporations with yearly global consolidated revenues in excess of €750 million. A corporate tax consultant will give additional guidance to various firms.

Individuals investing their own money in real estate should not be forced to pay CT if doing so does not necessitate a business license or permit. Individuals can seek support from a corporate tax consultant to learn more information on corporate tax.

UAE free zone companies are exempted from corporate tax in 2023. Several free zones in the UAE offer 0% tax rates for manufacturing and logistics activities, which preserves the UAE's reputation as a leading business destination.