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The Ultimate Guide to Registering Your Company in Dubai

May 25, 2023
Fortius Team
A businessman is discussing with his lawyer about company registration in dubai

Dubai stands out as a leading location to start a company formation as it has an exceptional tax system. As a renowned global business center, it attracts the interest of local and international organizations and investors worldwide. The city's world-class infrastructure, strategic location, and diverse market make it an excellent location for businesses looking for accessible and affordable operations. With more than twenty-five Free Trade Zones (FTZ), Dubai encourages global enterprises to register their businesses within its borders.

Entrepreneurs wishing to establish enterprises in Dubai can reap benefits by starting a firm without second thoughts. Forming a mainland corporation in Dubai does not need having a local stake-holding UAE partner. The government consistently introduces numerous business-friendly reforms to facilitate the process. To facilitate and reduce the cost of the company registration process, seek assistance from seasoned business setup services.

Steps Utilized by Business Setup Services to Register a Company in Dubai

It is not a very easy task to register a firm in Dubai, a foreign country with its own set of regulations. The actions outlined below make the process of registering a firm effortless for entrepreneurs who require specialized solutions for their business needs and requirements. 

Business structure

This is one of the most crucial stages in registering a business in Dubai. Legal structures such as a Joint Stock, Limited Liability Company, Branch Office, Free Zone Corporates, etc., can be used to establish a business in Dubai. The total count of stockholders, the business's operations, and the amount of capital it needs all play a role in determining the suitable business structure. Limited Liability Companies can be formed on the mainland to capitalize on the large markets. Establishing a limited liability company is significant because entrepreneurs can gain 100 percent international business ownership.

Name reservation

The applicant must select the company name in accordance with local regulations. It must not resemble another company's name. The applicant must validate the availability of the proposed company name with the DED (Dubai Economic Department) or the relevant Free Zone Authority. The firm should perform its business operations under its legally authorized business name. The applicant should consider the following factors when selecting a company name:

  • The name must not disturb the public or violate the nation's morals. 
  • It must conform to the firm's legal form. 
  • It must not be a name that was previously registered. 
  • It must align with the company's proposed business activities.
  • It must not include the names or logos of any government authorities, religions, or external bodies.
  • It must not be offensive or controversial.
  • Full names of entrepreneurs should be used. Nicknames should not be used.

Selecting the location

Selecting a suitable business location holds significant importance when it comes to registering a company in Dubai. The geographical positioning of a business can speak volumes about its enterprise. This decision affects numerous aspects of the organization, such as tax regulations, infrastructure, resource availability, openness to diverse economies, and more. Hence, choosing a business location stands as a crucial step in registering a company in Dubai, and it also plays a role in determining the appropriate office space.

Drafting MoA & LSA

It is necessary to work with an LSA (Local Service Agent) when registering a business on the mainland of Dubai. The LSA performs a supportive role in obtaining mandatory approvals and essential licenses without interfering with day-to-day business decisions or operations. They help you in retaining complete legal and operational control over your business. Getting help from LSA eliminates giving up 51 percent of business shares to Emirates National. The next stage depends on your company's business model and  structure. You need to sign and establish an MoA (Memorandum of Association).

Applying for a trade license

After reserving the company name and determining the location, the next crucial stage is to get a trade license in Dubai. This license is an official document that authorizes the license holder to engage in business activities specified in the license. The Dubai Economic Department is in charge of issuing municipal business licenses. There are various license categories available:

  • Commercial license: This applies to organizations involved in trade activities.
  • Industrial license: Businesses involved in production and industrial operations are required to apply for this license.
  • Professional license: This license is required for service-providing professionals, artisans, and technicians.

Opening a banking account

Creating a bank account is another crucial step in the process of registering a company in Dubai. It is essential for the business to operate with its own bank account in order to facilitate the receipt and transfer of funds necessary to sustain its operations. However, this can only be done once all the required registrations and permissions have been obtained from the relevant authorities. To accomplish this, the company needs to carefully select a bank that aligns with its business objectives and requirements. The chosen bank should offer compelling benefits and assist in reducing overall business expenses.

List of Documents That Are Essential to Register a Firm in Dubai

In order to follow the procedures for establishing a firm in Dubai, the following documents are required:

  • Application for license approval
  • Visa application of the applicant
  • Information on the tasks that the company will conduct
  • The company's name
  • Regional sponsor's NOC
  • Applicant's passport-sized photograph
  • A copy of the applicant's LSA Emirates ID
  • Authenticated and notarized MoA and LSA 
  • Additional documentation

Details on Costs Incurred & Benefits Reaped by Registering a Firm in Dubai

Determining the precise cost of registering a business in Dubai is challenging since it depends on various factors such as company size, type, and location. Additionally, the specific legal permissions required also play a crucial role in estimating the costs involved. However, it is possible to provide a rough estimate of around 20,000 AED to 30,000 AED for setting up a business. Initially, starting a company in Dubai may appear costly. Nevertheless, by familiarizing oneself with the necessary guidelines and adhering to them, one can take advantage of the relatively affordable business formation options available in Dubai.

The advantages of registering a business in Dubai include the following:

  • 100% repatriation allowance of profits and capital
  • Cost-effective recruitment of labor forces because of lenient laws for labor.
  • Corporate or personal income tax exemption
  • Great physical infrastructure
  • Provisions of commercial company law don't apply to FTZs
  • Some Free Trade Zones offer virtual and shared office space
  • Exempt from export and import duties

The takeaway

Hiring business setup services can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of establishing a new business. By entrusting experts with the intricate details of the setup process, entrepreneurs will be able to focus on their primary business activities. In addition, these services provide a comprehensive array of solutions like legal compliance, regulatory policies, financial support, and operational guidance, ensuring a successful launch for any enterprise. With outstanding business setup services like the Fortius Consulting Services in the UAE, entrepreneurs can confidently commence on their entrepreneurial journey, ensuring they have the proper knowledge and resources to give a helping hand while starting a business.

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